Scholars talked about " The Future World and the Position of Islamic Ummah "

In the Name of God the Compassionate, The Merciful

The Report of Committee 5

The Future World and the Position of Islamic Ummah

To discuss subjects singled out by the secretariat of the first world conference of Ulamma and Islamic Awakening, the Committee of the Future World and status of Islamic Ummah was held in Tehran on April 29 2013 corresponding to Jamadi althani 18 1434 and Ordibehesht 9 1392r. This meeting was chaired by Tofiq Ali Vahbe Musa and it was attended by more than seventy Muslim thinkers and Ulamma who are involved in political and social areas of Islamic Awakening from all around the world.

In this committee twenty two Muslim Ulamma presented their lectures and papers:

In addition, some of the participants expressed their views regarding the raised issues.

The views expressed in this committee generally emphasized the following items:

1. The Islamic World enjoys various cultural, political, and economic potentials and applicable capabilities which with a precise recognition and appropriate exploitation and also developing internal cooperation, can remarkably improve the living conditions of Muslims all around the world.

2. Great movement of Islamic awakening rejecting domestic despotism and the domineering international structures, believes that the only way to achieve peace and global justice is to return to teachings of divine prophets, respect the role of people and maintain human dignity.

3. The significant achievements of Muslims in different parts of the Islamic world is challenged by the unfair structure of power at global level posing the Islamic Ummah to a new balance of power. We must use these opportunities to promote the international status of the Islamic societies.

4. Participants, condemning the West double standard policies about issues like human rights, freedom of speech and thought and use of advanced technologies including nuclear technology, requested the Islamic Governments to maintain their unity and integration not allowing the West to impose its norms and desires upon other nations.

5. Embarking on a scientific movement, using various experiences and enjoying self - confidence, Muslims shall try to introduce political, social, and cultural patterns on the basis of religious and domestic teachings, restoring and reconstructing their desired status at the international level.

6. Palestine as the main issue of the Islamic world is set to be one of the pillars of the Islamic awakening movement and has had a major role in the course of its evolution. On this basis, Islamic awakening movement will continue its support for the resistance, until restoring the rights of the oppressed Palestinians and their rule over all occupied territories from the sea to the river.

7. Media is one of the power tools in the era of information explosion. As this tool is used by the West to distort image of the Islamic Awakening, Muslims shall use it to spread the Islamic awakening.

8. Now, the role and status of Islamic countries in International organizations and Institutions is not proportionate with their great capabilities and capacities. On this basis, Islamic societies must play a greater role in this organizations and institutions to ensure their international rights.

9. The role of Islamic Ulema and thinkers to establish unity and a unified Islamic Ummah.

10. The Islamic world expectations and demands of Ulama for guiding, leading and preventing the deviation of Islamic awakening movement.

11. The role of Ulama in shaping and revitalizing of Islamic civilization based on religion, rationality, science and morality.

12. The prospect of Islamic awakening in future management of Islam World and international system.

13. To Study growth and development factors of Islamic awakening in global management.

14. Given the great capacity of Globalization, this concept can be used in favor of development of the Islamic world.

15. Further desire of people for spiritual and religious values shall be used as a great capacity for promoting Islamic values.

16. The participants proposed establishment of a union for Ulama for promoting the Islamic Awakening prime objectives and unity among Muslims as well as dealing with excommunication approach.