British Post Office workers have voted to take their fourth strike action since Easter over government plans to privatize 76 major Royal Mail branches.
Members of the The Communication Workers Union(CWU) voted, by a majority of 90 percent, to take a full - day industrial action on May 7. The vote came just one day after Crown Post Office workers staged a half - day strike in Suffolk and Essex. CWU says the government is set to slash 20 percent of the crown network by closing or franchising 76 post offices and dismissing 800 staff. The union says the plan is hugely unfair because the Post Office personnel have had their pays frozen since 2011 and are now being “bribed” with lump sum payments if they sign to the plans that will lead to the closures. " This is a seminal moment for the Post Office. Closure and franchising plans would decimate the remaining crown network, slashing it by over 20%, ” CWU general secretary Billy Hayes said. Crown Post Offices constitute only three percent of the mail network of 11,800 branches across Britain, but handle 20 percent of all transactions and 40 percent of financial services sales.