Ayatollah Muhammad Hassan Akhatari ,General Secretary of world assembly of Ahl-e-Beyt in second day of world conference of Ulama and Islamic awakening according to special role of Ulama in Islamic awakening  said that Ulama as a successor role such as Prophets in guiding and informing people have significant role . He also added , Islamic awakening future will be the informing  source to whole Islamic nations  and this process between these nations even in minority Islamic nations are going to develop. Ayatollah Akhtari warned to conspiracy of hostiles against this process and  we will have a dangerous path to our aims. He considers unity of Shia and Sonia as a golden key in continuing our success and avoids division in order to develop awakening among nations and strength of relations. On the other part of speech about Syria crisis he added ,hostiles get advantage of this issue and Muslim’s belief  to achieve their goals while it could be solved with peace and discussion. USA and Zionism and their supporters transmitted terrorists to Syria. Some countries such as Qatar and Saudi  Arabia make an excuse their chaotic conditions to worsen Syrian conditions to supply Islamic hostiles. He also appreciate world conference of  Islamic awakening useful and effective and said this conference as an Ulama and Islamic awakening is the most important one since they have guidance and informing role among nations. He recalled Islamic revolution and Imam Khomeini’s advice and supreme leader of Iran have a key point in Islamic awakening and this process hinder hostile’s conspiracies. It is also said this conference have held with about 700 Iranian and foreigner gust in Tehran to discuss about unity of Islamic nations ,Islamic awakening and Islamic world challenges.