Scholars talked about Islam ` s Desirable Political System

In the name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

Report of Commission no. 4

Islam ` s Desirable Political System

With the aim of discussing issued identified by the Secretariat of the First Ulama and the Islamic Awakening Conference in Tehran, the “Islam ` sDesirable Political System” Commission convened with the presence of more than eighty Ulama and Muslim scholars engaged in political and social activities of Islamic Awakening from across the world on the 18thof Jamadi al - Sani(Lunar Calendar), 09 Ordibehesht 1392(Solar Calendar), 29 April 2013. The meeting was chaired by Ayatollah Seyyed Mohsen Hojjat. In this commission, Sixteen scholars presented their papers. Some of the participants in this commission meeting also made their comments.

The commission discussed and emphasized the following points:

1 - The Islamic Ummah, given its huge cultural, social, economic and political capacities, should play a greater role in building civilization, promoting moral values, setting up democratic systems based on religious values and exploiting the experience of others.

2 - Participants in the commission also stressed that there is no essential conflict between religion and democracy. In other words, in Islamic - style democracy, it is presumed that people could govern their own destiny within the framework of Islamic values and tenets.

3 - Setting up an Islamic - style democracy is the first step in formulating a new civilization all across the Islamic Ummah. Muslims can set up a civilization through creating a democratic state based on religion

4 - In a political system emanating from religious principles and the will of people, the officials should establish a deep religious and emotional link with the people. In such a system, Islamic values prevail in law making and managing the state of affairs. Law and abiding by the law, equality of all before the law, free and fair elections, political participation of people and civil and political rights are guaranteed. In an Islamic - style democracy, people participate in different levels of political and social decision making. People play a greater role in rendering services and preparing the grounds for the materialistic and spiritual growth of the society.

5 - Justice, freedom and human dignity are among the main pillars of the desirable political system without which no political system would be acceptable.

6 - Based on the Holy Quranic verse stipulating, اعدوا لهم ما استطعتم من قوة strengthen yourself as much as you can, the Islamic government shall enjoy sufficient power and strength to ensure security of citizens and struggle against enemies.

7 - Those people who rule the Islamic society shall be among the best and the most talented people of the community in order for them to lead the society to salvation and prospect.

8 - Noble religion of Islam has taken prosperity of all human beings both in the present and the next worlds therefore one of the main tasks of a desirable religious political system is to provide livelihood of the people preparing the ground for honorable life for all members of the Islamic community and promoting fight against corruption.

9 - The experience of more than two centuries of political and ideological struggle by Muslim fighters and saviors against all sorts of imported ideologies and the oppression of foreigners, as well as the success and failure of Islamic movements across the world are great heritage which should be preserved as a valuable source for theorization in the field of desirable religious political system.

10 - Cooperation and exchange of ideas among the Ulamas not only seem necessary in the process of guiding and leading the Islamic Awakening movement, but also they guarantee the correct formation of future mechanisms in particular in the fields of theorization, acculturation and discourse - making.