Scholars talked about " Ulama; opportunities, challenges in the Islamic world "

Report of Committee No. 3

Ulama; opportunities, challenges in the Islamic world

With the help of the Almighty God and with the purpose of explaining opportunities and challenges facing the Islamic awakening " the Committee of Ulama, opportunities and challenges in the Islamic world " was organized in Tehran on April 29 2013, corresponding to Jamadi - Althani 18 1434 and Ordibehesht 9 1392. This meeting was chaired by Seyyed Sadreddin Ghappanchi & Abdolsattar Hamid and attended by more than ninety Ulama and Muslim scholars involved in the political and social areas of Islamic awakening from every corner of the world. During the meeting ……. of Ulama presented their papers and lectures on the related subjects.

The views presented by the participants included the following:

1 - One of the most important harms and challenges of the Islamic world is escalation of sectarianism and religious disputes. Sectarian conflicts within the Islamic communities are the direct result of this ominous phenomenon. Within the same respect major responsibility and task of Ulama is to make every effort in settling the sectarian disputes and differences within the Islamic world and emphasize the common pro - unity grounds among the Islamic sects and Islamic schools of thought in favor of promotion of Islamic unity in the world.

2 - Different Islamic schools of thought and currents, while accepting and admitting to their intellectual and ideological differences, shall not allow this difference that can be used as an opportunity for the Muslim Ummah to be turned into political disputes, conflicts and fratricide as desired by enemies of Islam.

3 - Excommunication and calling Muslim individuals profligate or accusing them of being polytheists or committing heresy and defaming them or issuing their death verdict on false charges are considered as cardinal sins by the Almighty God being just to the benefit of enemies of Islam and in particular the global arrogance and international Zionism. Therefore all Ulama must avoid of this trap and play their role in promoting awareness in this respect leading the Muslim Ummah towards the divine and ethical concepts of the sublime religion of Islam.

4 - One of the important challenges and threats is separation of Islamic Ulama from the reference groups within the society that may be aggravated due to lack of reverence mundane desires, outdated knowledge and compromising approach away from revolutionary and Jihadi morality. On the same basis, further and more serious influence of Ulama upon the Islamic issues requires their return to the Holy Profit traditions and practice of Islamic values presenting themselves as an example for this purpose. They also need to update themselves with the latest developments within the societies as well as requirements of the new generations

5 - Presenting a tarnished image of Islam in the West taking place for defaming " the concept of religion " and instilling failure of religious political system in people is one of the most important threats having been triggered by the West, using various means, against the Islamic societies. Therefore it is on the leaders of the Islamic countries to adopt integrated position within international agencies and organizations including the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation Organization in order to deal with this question.

6 - The global arrogance and enemies of Islam are trying to deviate Islamic Awakening from its original and rightful causes and objectives and impose their interpretation on the awakening movement by making preplanned efforts and plots.

7 - Mosques and Friday and collective prayers are considered as the most important focal points and origin of the Islamic awakening movement among Muslims. Protection and promotion of such capacities is the direct religious and political order that must be given priority by all Muslims including Ulama.

8 - One of the major problems within the Islamic world is lack of required interaction and close cooperation among Muslim scholars and failure to take new ideas and suggestions to the account. For this purpose institutionalization and establishment of interactive mechanisms among Ulama and making social networks in the cyber - space by the Muslim scholars for presenting the real and shining image of Islam is one of the opportunities to deal with such a problem as well as other threats.

9 - Maintaining achievements of the Islamic awakening movement is not possible without promotion and protection of the Islamic and revolutionary knowledge and insight within the Islamic societies. As a matter of fact Islamic awakening is the fruit of the insight gained and developed in these societies. On the same basis maintenance and promotion of public insight and knowledge will ensure continuity and enrichment of the Islamic awakening movement.

10 - Continuity of the Islamic Awakening Movement in order to deal with the challenges facing the Islamic world requires use of all capacities and possibilities of the Islamic world as well as Islamic countries particularly in the religious area. For this purpose, media capacities and communication possibilities, research and academic capacities, access to modern science and knowledge, exchange of experiences in the relevant areas as well as role of religious institutions like Haj & Oghaf(endowment) organizations and also other religious and charity institutions shall be taken into account in favor of promotion of the Islamic awakening and settlement of problems within the Islamic world especially with respect to those arising from religious disputes.

11 - Reconstruction of intellectual capacities of Muslims and use of modern theoretical potentials as well as presentation of interpretations given the new developments taking place in the Muslim world are among very important issues that can provide desirable ground for the move of the Islamic towards revival of its original and deserved status.

12 - Muslims of the world are needed to focus on the strategic, important and common issues of the Islamic world as well as sufferings and fundamental problems of Muslims including the Zionist plot and question of Palestine. It is notified that important and vital issues of the Islamic world shall by no means be viewed as the question of only one of the Islamic schools of thought or one of the Islamic countries. To this end all Islamic societies are needed to maintain their unity seeking joint solutions to the problems according to the benefits of the Islamic world.