Scholars talked about " Theoretical Foundation of Islamic Awakening " in commission 1

In the Name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Commission on " Theoretical Foundation of Islamic Awakening "

The Commission on " Theoretical Foundation of Islamic Awakening " was held under the chairmanship of Ayatuallah Abbas Kabi in Tehran, Iran in 29 April 2013. In this meeting about 155 Ulama and thinkers from across the globe participated and exchanged views on theoretical foundations of Islamic Awakening and underlined the following points:

1 - Ulama in the course of two recent centuries have engaged in Ijtihad and Jihad and spared no efforts exploring the theoretical foundation of Islamic awakening for reconstructing Islamic civilization based on unity of Ummah.

2 - The Reconstructing Islamic civilization is based on progress in material as well spiritual aspects of life which necessitates submission to sublime moral values and struggle for achieving the highest level of human development.

3 - Islamic democracy is founded on the vote of the populace and the sublime teachings of Islam. Thus, it is against both fanaticism and Western secularism. While pursuing interaction with the world based on mutual respect, it stresses

4 - The outstanding endeavors of Ulama for the revival of Islam and the teachings of the holy Prophet have been faced with success and failure in recent centuries. However, the victory of the Islamic Revolution under the leadership of Imam Khomeini(RA) revived the hope for all Muslim that with unity and faith and act according to the path of the Holy Prophet of Islam, they can overcome all challenges and achieve great success for the Ummah.

5 - The great task before Ulama is to explain theoretical dimensions of Islam and Quranic fundamentals as well as traditional, philosophical and jurisprudential aspects of Islamic Awakening in order to revive true identity of the Islamic Ummah and promoting public participation in an integrated way for reconstructing Islamic civilization.

6 - The Islamic awakening has emanated from religious calling as well as social and political needs. Massive participation in mosques and praying in squares on Fridays and taking anti - Zionist approach and aiming at corruption and injustice all demonstrate the will of the people.

7 - The Islamic awakening defines its core goals as emphasizing on independence, struggle against domination and despotism, the need for development and justice as well as the right for self - determination of Islamic Ummah.

8 - The need to introduce true Islam and capitalize on its differences with American islam, and also act upon genuine Islam, and explain the Islamic concepts in a profound way and negate the fanatic and deviated interpretations of Islam.

9 - It is an imperative to keep the unity of Ummah and confront with Islam phobia and prevent the massacre of Muslims and act against all form of sectarian violence. Ummah of all religious branches condemn all terrorist acts which have led to merciless massacre of innocent people and destruction of mosques and religious sites under pretext of religious sect. Such atrocities only serve the interests of arrogant powers.

10 - The participants expressed the need for institutionalizing public, civil and political participation in form of revolutionary organizations.

11 - Further they expressed the necessity to establish a specialized committee of Muslim experts in order to design a new model of development and progress based on religious values.