Rasa News Agency Reports – In an interview with Rasa News Agency, Sheikh Omar Shahab, the Head of the Indonesian scholars, in mentioning the resistance of the Islamic republic of Iran against the global arrogance, stated: “The mighty Iran is the only country that is not afraid of America. While some Muslim countries, not only refuse to stand against the global arrogance, but also follow the country.” “The Islamic republic of Iran has been standing against the global arrogance with no fear and doesn’t allow the arrogant plans of America and the Zionist regime to be exerted.” He added, mentioning that Iran’s domination on the P5+1 causes the dignity of the Muslims. The Sunni scholar explained: “Iran’s development in different fields, including the nuclear program is so rapid and no country dares to attack this country. Indonesian scholars and nation are supporters of the Islamic republic of Iran and don’t want to witness any harm on this Islamic system” Sheikh Shahab, emphasizing the necessity of Islamic countries resistance against America and the Zionist regime, pointed out: “The Islamic countries must stand against Global Arrogance and not allow America and its allies interfere in the internal affairs of the Islamic societies and subvert Muslims development.” He harshly criticized the combination of the Muslims by the Wahhabis and continued: “Wahhabi scholars that are dividing the Shiite and Sunnis are foolish and are ignorant and foolish people that are not familiar with the doctrine of Islam.” “These people are hurting Islam by their extreme intolerance toward Shiite and Sunnis and they are considered as a great threat to the Muslim World.” He stated. Inviting Muslims to stand against the mutual enemy, he said: “America, Zionist regime and their allies are the mutual enemies of the Islamic Ummah and Muslims must stand against these enemies with unification and solidarity.” Sheikh Omar Shahab explained: “Enemies, especially Zionists don’t act along the interests of Muslims and while they clearly know that they wouldn’t be able to stand against the Muslim in case of their unification, they hardly confront the Muslims to be unified”