As the Ulema of the nation are the heirs of the prophets (a.s.), our great imam (Khomeini) is the heir of the prophets (a.s.) in their sciences, goals, and way. The continuous attempt of imperialism in the whole Muslim world is either to do away with the Ulema of Islam and take them out of the field, or distort and void their real identity. Our duty, we the Ulema and I am one of this big group, is that as possible as we can we have to increase the moral solidity of the scientific society of Ulema. Indeed, the Ulema are the standards of religion. Each one of the Ulema is a standard for Islam and a proof for friends and enemies. Hujjatul Islam (proof of Islam) in the actual sense of the word gives this very meaning. Respectable Ulema, theology students, preachers, and religious orators and writers, who are teachers and bringers of divine good tidings to people, must try the best to deepen the faith of people. In my viewpoint, you Sunni Ulema today have a very heavy and big responsibility. This responsibility is that in the country where you live, Almighty Allah has predestined that Islamic rule should be established there. People always expect the Ulema not to be under the influence of material, worldly, and false powers, and to defend the oppressed and weak classes of society. Throughout history, Ulema most often have carried out their actual duty, and wherever they have been, they have never submitted to oppression and unjust ruling authorities. The matter is that if this Revolution was not an Islamic revolution and its banner was not in the hands of the Ulema of Islam, it would definitely not win victory and never come to establish a powerful, prominent, independent country. The Ulema and religious communities have serious duties to assure a sound and virtuous future that pleases Almighty Allah. The duty of Ulema and religion scholars is to prefer the contentment of Allah and the welfare of people to anything else ever. The pillars of this movement are the Ulema. When the Ulema are there, the hope of victory will be there; otherwise, either there will be no victory or the movement will deviate. This is the role of the Ulema! As for prominent Ulema and religion scholars, they have to try the best to educate the souls of people and achieve a real change in the hearts and morals, especially among the youths. The sword can never bring faith into hearts. That which can plant the seed of faith in the hearts is preaching and explaining of the divine rulings and knowledge. The main duty of Ulema is the guidance of people towards the goals that the Holy Qur’an and the prophets throughout their missions have decreed, and the means of which is warning. “…that he may be a warner to the peoples” Qur’an, 235:1, “…warn your people”, Qur’an, 71:1, “And warn them of the day of intense regret”, Qur’an, 19:39, all show warning and frightening. Keeping to religion is an obligation. The dominance of religion is the highest goal of all religions; “…so that mankind observe justice” Qur’an, 57:25. Observing of justice and the dominance of the divine rulings is the highest goal of religions. Of course, the aspect and intention of Ulema was, is, and must be the abstaining from the deceiving pleasures of this worldly life. We must not forget this fact. It is very important; otherwise, this pleasant and sweet life will attract man, who is full of senses, to itself. If our revolution was not a religious revolution, and the Ulema were not at the head, victory would not be achieved. Shiite and Sunni Ulema, everywhere in the world they are, including our dear country, must be very watchful. This unity in Iran has been obtained with a very high price. This call of unity in the world has never come easily. So, do not break it so easily! Whoever breaks it commits a big treason, whoever he is! There is no difference whether Sunni or Shiite he is. God willing, by virtue of the religious guidance of prominent Ulema and standard-bearers of religion, this Islamic government can, day after day, be better and better. Knowledge and insight, good management and vigilance, feeling of responsibility and loyalty, hope and reliance on the divine promises, abstaining from transient worldly pleasures for winning the satisfaction of Allah and carrying one’s duty… are the actual factors of the power of the Muslim nation that get the nation to glory, independence, and moral and material development, and disappoint the enemy’s intervention and plotting in Muslim countries. The duty of Ulema is to support, encourage, and feed (people) with morale, and make this holy struggle keep on. The responsibility of the Ulema and scholars in the Muslim countries is very great and heavy; therefore, you should always remind them and others of this responsibility. You, the Ulema of Islam, can make the nations understand the bigness of the disaster that the U.S.A and Israel are preparing against the Muslim world. So, the support of the Islamic government is the Ulema of Islam, clear-sighted scholars, and Islamic theorists. Raising the banner of Islam, which is deep-rooted faith and affection of people, and the achieving of psychological safety, justice, development, and prosperity will not be obtained except under the shadow of the Islamic Sharia. The important recommendation is that you should consider yourselves as being always in the field: “so when you are free, still toil”, Qur’an, 94:7. Always think that Allah is present and He helps you: “And strive to please your Lord”, Qur’an, 94:8. Do not make our victories be trapped in pride and inadvertence. Write down your principles on papers. Safeguard your originality with high sensitiveness. Do not let the principles of your future government be written by your enemies. Do not let the Islamic principles be sacrificed for transient interests. Do not let secular, western liberalism, excessive nationalism, or leftist Marxism trends be imposed on you. In Islam, unlike the western world, the acquiring of knowledge and development in the scientific fields are concomitant with virtue and religious knowledge. The value of a choice and a scientist depends on his creative role in the development of his country in the scientific and moral fields. The U.S.A, as the real example of evil, is not satisfied except with the absolute domination over the Muslim world and the Middle East. Today, the Muslim world must stand in anywhere and anyway, through unity and integration, against the haughtiness of the U.S.A. The Muslim world can, through good planning and cooperation, turn into one Islamic superpower. We must not let the powers that have made the world as a stage of confliction and fighting look at the indefinite wealth and sources of the Muslim world as a palatable bite. The Ulema of Islam should not keep silent before sectarian disagreements. Our Islam is a religion of morality, reasonableness, and justice. The last great Islamic movements in the Muslim world are a rudiment for a greater change and domination of Islam. The followers (Shia) of the Ahlul Bayt (peace be on them) support these Islamic movements. The main common criteria in the people movements in these countries are three: being Islamic, public, and against the U.S.A and Zionism. Islamic movement means the demanding of glory and honor of the oppressed nations, which can be achieved under the shadow of Islam. The today’s events of the region determine the line of the history of Muslim nation for a long time. Muslim nation must not let arrogant superpowers overcome the determination of nations. Today is a day where Muslim peoples have to come back to their real Islamic identity. The Muslim world, through good planning and mutual cooperation, can turn into a very powerful Islamic entity. The enemy number one of the Islamic awakening is the arrogant power of the U.S.A. The Rising of the Islamic Awakening is a main and big obstacle in the way of the U.S.A’s goals. Today, the Islamic Awakening, or in fact, the Islamic Rising in the Muslim world is a clear fact. Wherever there is an anti-American and anti-Zionism movement, it is original and public movement. If the slogans are for the benefit of the U.S.A and Zionism, it is a perverted movement. Islam and Islamic Awakening have stood and will stand against any arrogant domination. We, the Ulema of religion, throughout history have been the shelter and refuge for the poor. We must not be a shelter for the rich and leave the poor alone…Ulema must be the shelter for the oppressed. The Hawza and Ulema are like the blood that flows in (the veins of) society from head to toes, and in touch with every part during movement. Therefore, the matters of Ulema and the hawza have uncuttable connection with the matters of the state, the matters of the Islamic government, the matters of the today’s world, and even matters of history and the past. “Adorning the cypress tree is by trimming”. Our beauty lies in our abstaining from decoration and luxury. The popularity of Ulema does not come from adornment and aristocratism, but simplicity and abstaining from any luxury. Ulema and theology students must be simple and humble, and the manifestation of the Ulema’s simplicity is in the very seeking of simplicity. If one of the Ulema is very pious too, but is not acquainted enough with his time, does not know what is happening in the world, and does not know who the friends and enemies are, one day, you shall see that the mountain of knowledge and piety shall turned into a weight in the scales of falsehood. The responsibility of guiding the Islamic awakening towards the domination of Islam is on the Ulema, thinkers, and scholars of the Muslim world. The responsibility of the Ulema, thinkers, and scholars of the Muslim world is to guide the present awakening in the Muslim world to the right path. When one of Ulema becomes a politician, it does not mean that he involves in political parties and wings, or that he becomes a tool in the hands of politicians, but it means to enjoy political awareness, to have the ability to deeply analyze different situations, and make use of the power of accurate political orientation. Financial and moral safety, satisfaction, abstaining from worldly pleasures, preserving the position of one’s being a theology student, and living a simple life are from the requirements of safeguarding the sanctity of Ulema and theological schools. The world of today is a field of contradiction between philosophies and different thoughts, and the Ulema, in order to have an effective presence in the world battlefield of different thoughts and doctrines, must be most learned and cultured. Intelligent and true Ulema must bravely stand against such dangerous superstitions, following in that the model of the Prophet (a.s.) and the way of the real Ulema of Islam.