An analyst  believes that the U.S. economy is moving along very slowly because of severe  problems in Europe.In an interview with Press TV on Thursday, Paul Sheldon Foote, professor of Accounting at California State University, Fullerton said that “we clearly have a broken system” and fast - food workers protesting in Chicago “have a basis for their point in general. ”He made the comments as hundreds of fast - food and retail workers walked off their jobs Wednesday morning to protest in Chicago ' s Loop and call for higher wages.“The Chicago workers are demonstrating against what seems to them to be an unfair system. Unfortunately in our country in recent decades we have seen the ration of the pay of the top person in the company to the lowest paid person go up tenfold. That has not happened in other major countries around the world, ” Foote said.Organizers of the protest said same rallies would be staged in Illinois calling for a raise in wages, which have remained at $8.25 since 2009.The protests have been gaining steam in the fast - food and retail sectors - which have generated the most jobs since the recession, labor experts said, but are among the lowest paid.