An interview with Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Taskhiri, the secretary - general of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought.What is the secret of the world acceptance towards Islam?So many factors caused this world acceptance and embracement towards Islam; the most important of them are as follows: 1) The instructions that are in complete agreement with the human ' s nature: These instructions meet the needs of the conscience and cause the ethics to be exalted. Also, they treat humane nature realistically, view human being as a system, try to solve his problems and difficulties and finally, make a harmony and concord among the mental, emotional and behavioral aspects. Although, these aspects have been propounded from the beginning of Islam ' s movement from 14 centuries ago, whatever caused this recent acceptance of Islam to be increased due to such aspects, is resulted from the thoughtful operational movement of great thinkers in order to explain and describe these features and their presentation in accordance with an updated and suitable approach toward the requirement of the time that answer the time ' s questions and lightens the bright and shinning aspects of this heavenly religion. These great people are Imam Khomeini, Martyr Sadr, Seyyed Qotb, Martyr Motahhari, Abolali Modoodi, Malek - Ibn - Nabi and the like. 2) The failure of the most nonreligious schools in meeting the human needs to a real spiritual refuge and their failure even in meeting this mundane needs and reaching prosperity that he is very much interested in. The falling of these atheistic led to the creation of vast human waves which returned to religion again so that their thirst is quenched. In the view of the fact that none of the present religions, except for Islam, had this catholicity, expansiveness, vital and wide - ranging view toward the life and realism in the confronting the matters and problems, it was natural that such acceptance and embracement occurred toward it and its sacred instructions. 3) The successes of some Islamic experiences in some areas, the experience of the great and glorious Islamic Revolution in Iran under the leadership of Imam Khomeini, may his spirit be sanctified. This Revolution presented valuable patterns under the vast support of people and also forgetting all kinds of mundane, narrow benefits in reaching high spiritual purposes and also could break many legends which were assumed absolute until that time, for example, we can name the myth of uniqueness of the Revolution within the mundane framework and principles, especially socialistic ones, the myth of dividing the contemporary world into two superpowers, the myth of the impossibility of independence in political arena or the myth of " the religion, opium of the nations ". Also, this Revolution presented a new imagination and outlook concerning the problems and resolutions far from whatever was imagined until that time to the world and succeeded to mobilize the Muslim groups and sow the seeds of new hope in their hearts toward the future. All of these affairs created new outlooks in front the world in a way that it was not imagined in this way previously. -Please explain about the " Islamic uprising phenomenon ".The most important elements of creating such glorious phenomenon(the phenomenon of Islamic uprising) are as follows: 1) As I mentioned previously, the aforesaid factors had great influence on Islam world, for the Islam world have much more readiness in comparison to the others in the comprehending and understanding its valuable heritage and thoughtful and emotional union and collaboration with this mission via its belief, even though this faith or belief is weak or heritable. This union provided a suitable natural atmosphere in order to have more effective confrontation to Islam ' s matter, especially after the determination of its various aspects on behalf of the thinkers whom I mentioned them. Furthermore, the failure of other schools caused many Muslims who were far from Islam, to return to Islam and trust in the great Islam. The victory of this Islamic experience created great and vast popular feeling toward the magnificence of Islam and returned the self - confidence, pride, reliance on future and capability of future ' s construction to the nation. 2) We should point to a new work which has recently been done; that is the attractive role of Islamic uprising in the development of awareness and Revolutionary excitement among the children of this nation. The influence of these uprising was different on the various regions of Islam world. The amount of the awareness, excitement and enthusiasm of each of these rising were not equal. However, they succeeded to stimulate the enthusiasm of the groups of people toward Islam and performing Islamic commandments, and also created considerable feelings toward the necessity of resistance against the hegemony and return to Islam. 3) The reactions were propounded after the defeated attacks of the West over the Islam world despite the exact planning for it and trying to involve all these aspects that despite the whole national, tribal, racial and historical dissipations, the nation has been involved it and in spite of the success of the West, these reactions generated the ominous cancer, Israel, in the region and caused the hireling ringleaders to rule over the destiny of the nation and contaminated it with its poisons thoughtfully and emotionally. They filled the life of nation with debauchery and revelry; nevertheless, this attack had the reserve results, awakened the nation from the ignorance and notified that their dignity and validity are hidden in Islam. This reserve effect happened in two forms: First; the exposure of its face, civilization and ethics against the children of this nation, because this arrogance dealt to plunder and despoil the whole existence of the nation and also crack - down of the character and played with its values. Second; the arrogance made the regulated and responsible believers toward the future of the nation adopt the confrontation position and plan in order to have Islamic uprising. Meanwhile, whatever whose infamy or disgrace became clear for the Muslim groups was the reactionary form of Islamic governments and dented and seditious plans or so - called Islamic unity. So, all of these factors had influence on the speed of the Islamic uprising and movement verily and put the nation on the threshold of historical great change that we want the Glorious God to accomplish this great and felicitous change as soon as possible.Where is the center of the religious movement of Islam in your opinion?Naturally, we don ' t have any centrality in this field save in Iran. Today, this country is the heart of pure Islamic movement and its roaring source. I say these words due to the exact recognition toward Islam world and complete feeling of the whole dimensions of Islamic uprising and movement not due to the bigotry or interest in this country. Now, everybody looks at Iran as the axis, pattern, leader and guide. I even can announce surely that not only the Islam world but the whole world admits this fact. Its biggest reason is the non - religious concentrated conspiracies against Iran and their concentration against the Islamic Revolution. Here, I can point to Iran ' s role in the world conference of Cairo, Pecan and the other places which carried the flag of religions defense especially Islam with the whole power and the world watched this resistance and perseverance and admitted this matter. Besides Iran, I can say that the manifestations of the movement include the whole Islam world, of course regarding the differences from the viewpoint of revolutionary awareness and excitement in various regions.What is the role of Islamic and Revolutionary thought in the current international relations?If we want to get to the depth of this role, we should consider a series of cases: In the plans and conspiracies against Islam and Islamic Revolution which are really a lot, all political and planner minds are used in order to determine and study this phenomenon and follow the general techniques toward its growth and development and also separate its leader from the Muslim masses and even poor and needy people of the world. The mass media are the other case which confront Islam and its manifestations and whatever which have any relation with Islam. Another case is the international conferences which act in order to metamorphose the human identity disappear the human family and extend licentiousness and ethical vices. Also, more than ten protocols and contracts which are arranged and signed among the great countries from one side and the region countries from another side in order to stop this Islamic great movement. Even, we see that the West shows the green light to the communists so that they regain the role of its leadership in Islamic Republic the heir of the former Union of Soviet Republics - because they are really afraid of the penetration of Islamic Revolution to these regions. Here, there is not enough space for explaining all this activities; so I want to point to this case that all these reactions have a lot of influences on the international arena, affect the international strategies, treaties and collusions and create a great enemy for the West ' s world. Also, these reactions attract the whole attentions toward the obliteration of this important enemy. Furthermore, they have absolute influence on the effort of hegemonic countries in order to abuse the United Nations organization and the other international Circles for the resistance toward it surely and the blockade and efforts in order to strike UNO and cutting off the connections with the groups. So, I can clearly say that Islamic Revolution is the most important distress of greedy people and countries and also the center of gravity of any worldly strategic planning. This fact has been stated obviously in the disclosed strategy of America in 1997 A. D.What is your opinion concerning the relation of Islam and the West?In order to describe this relation, these cases should be explained: A) I assume that Islam based on its realism tries to emphasize on this case that views of this religion are based on a true, logical and harmonious base with the needs of humane nature through basic summons and suggestion to the intimate negotiation with human nature. It is expected that the Western addressee just listens to the Islam ' s voice in a free and scientific atmosphere. Despite the freedom which the West world is benefited by - or claims to have it - and also the generation of a place for the presentation of the viewpoints, Islam is confronted with a lot of difficulties and great obstacles in this field that the most important of them is the vast venomous propaganda against it and the whole holinesses with the use of the expansive disseminative webs and various and trickery methods that occur by using all artistic, fictional, and scientific field in order to develop the non - Islamic thought. This attack of the West is resulted from some sources: The first source is the bigotry in such a manner that we see the extensive activities of the crucial bigoted circles with historical hatred against Islam and also the lack of caring to humane thought that this religion propounds. The second source is the tending toward the prudence which is resulted from the capitalism - mundane view toward the life; since Islam doesn ' t allow the Islamic nations to submit to the Western interests in accordance with its principle. Also, it doesn ' t let that the poor be exploited by these powerful and proud exploiters, and this matter acts as an obstacle against the mundane humble exploitation. Third, tribal - national source which is resulted from this imagination of the West that the Christianity or any religion doesn ' t interfere in the life; it is the tribal - national characteristics of the European nations that of course is a wrong understanding concerning the religion and tribal - national heritage. The change - maker logic of the humane base denies it too. It is important that the human being selects the true religion without having any tribal, national and clannish bigotry. Finally, Islam has the characteristics of a life - maker religion and its ethical and spiritual methods are considered as the filler of spiritual shortage of the humanity. Islam, itself has been one of the important factors which broke the Eastern apostasy and ruined its dreams, and also, the instructions of Islam found a new opportunity to fill the blank space of these shortages because other religions were not in the extents that meet the needs of the current civilization. B) I imagine that the thoughts of the West world have been propounded sufficiently in the Islam world. The Muslim intellectual people usually determine and study the whole results and accomplishments of this thought. Furthermore, the Islamic groups are drowned in the incidents of the West world nowadays and the Western media give the related report to them. Even, I think that whatever is said concerning the West in the Islam world, implies the deliberate overestimation and causes many of people to be involved in delusion toward this imaginary heaven and not understand that this mundane civilization has the great weaknesses that cut off the family relations, devastates the humane spirit and stimulates the hidden barbaric instincts without any control. c) We can not deny that the media services of the West recognize their mission completely and are in agreement with their civilization and are completely aware of their duties - aside from being humane or not humane -. As I know and recognize, the media services in Islam world need strongly to understand the mission of Islam and its civilized purposes and their duties toward this mission. I believe that the greatest weakness that this service is involved in, is the lack of this complete understanding from one side and the blind obeying of the desires and wishes of the prudent and sometimes hireling government from the other side. So, they are obligated to release themselves from these constraints in the first stage and start a new stage that its base is resulted from the pure source of the Islam ' s mission and at the top of it is the necessity of developing the Revolutionary spirit in the hearts and making them ready for the accomplishing all instructions of Islam over the whole affairs of life. D) I believe that none of us understand the opposite side and it is difficult to gain the common arenas. The secret of this matter is that the principles and demands of us differ from each other completely. The Islam ' s world is based on the views and bases that the West doesn ' t believe them. The inverse of this subject is true. For instance, we can point to some of these views: 1. The humane nature; which is a pure essence in human ' s nature and guides him toward the divine fact naturally and without loosing his humanity. 2. Good ethics: the justice, cooperation, purity of devotion toward God and some cases like this which are considered as an indivisible part of the humanity of the human being. 3. The human being, whether in the individual state or in society ' s position, requires God, religion and the life ' s values in order to arrange the whole affairs of his life. 4. The humane perfection which is of the elements of social life and all class, racial, folk or national differences are unacceptable from the viewpoint of human being. 5. The sexual instinct which requires the intellect - oriented control and guarantees the formation of family balanced ties. 6. The exploitation, colonialism, aggression and manipulation of sources of others with the benefit of greedy interests, and also the occupation of the territory of others and blasphemy are unacceptable. -Whatever was said are some of our acceptable bases. Is there any agreement with the Westerns in this regard?The Muslims accept these values completely; however, is the West in agreement with them? I can surely say that the Westerns probably have not gone to the bottom of these values, because they are far away from whatever they have got accustomed to it. Yes, if we can reach an understanding concerning these foundations and the similar things, it is natural that we can gain a definite level of common and mutual understanding toward each other. I have high hope that this purpose to be accomplished - provided that there would be favorable disposition and scientific desirable insight for recognizing the fact and truth. I think that all human beings move step by step in order to omit the atheistic leanings and the phenomenon that deny God almighty - of course in spite of the existence of some small obstacles. Good signs are seen from this movement that I can point to them: 1. The world orientation in the stabilization of human rights which illustrates the spiritual orientation in order to settle the human rights which the religions have been the inspirer of it in spite of the abuse of the great countries from the world human rights charter. Denial of spiritual and innate aspects of human being brings the claims of the human rights into question. 2. The world orientation of the groups of people in leaning toward the religious solutions which has been propounded in the following failure of mundane solutions. This is the orientation that materialists try to deny and colonialists intend to crack down, suppress and conspire against it. However, it is a real and democratic orientation. Groups of people have noticed whether in Islam world or other places, the bliss of the humanity is hidden in the revival of spiritual values and regaining of their essence in human ' s life. This subject is more obvious in Islam world. Today, the Muslim groups try to return the role of religion to the life and use any device in order to set up the Islam ' s system in the life in spite of the whole current obstacles in this way. Today is the period of predominance of Islam and leaning toward spiritualities in Islam world. 3. The fearful disruption of atheistic Communism system which has been resulted from the disagreement with humane nature and the case which Imam Khomeini pointed to it in his letter addressed to Gorbachev - more than two years before the disruption of the Soviet - saying that the communism moves to join the museum of history, because it has disagreed with the human nature. Imam invited him to the religion especially Islam, because the real response to human requires are founded in it. Gorbachev pointed to this case in his resignation and also reminded that the disruption of Soviet is resulted from the denial of divine favors on behalf of them. However, we consider the beginning of the religion and spirituality time as a good omen. Concerning whatever is said occasionally that the religious government may have a pressure on the minority group; I should say that this claim is baseless completely, since the regulations of Islamic religion including respecting the rights of the minorities, granting the complete citizen right and supporting them against any aggression toward the government is a must. Also, the history of Islam itself is the observer of such encounter with the minority groups despite this matter that it had not been implemented except for short periods completely. The minority groups are benefited by all their rights in Islamic Republic of Iran and this matter is the other evidence concerning this fact. In my opinion, the return of religious governments will have great influences on international relations, whereas the morale of common cooperation will be dominate in order to disseminate the exemplary ethics, the hidden potentials of human will be used and also the life will be formed in accordance with the dignified and harmonious bases with humane. I look forward to a world which is full of justice, cooperation, religious affection and logical understanding and it is the thing which all religions have gave good news concerning it. Also, this matter has been epitomized in the manner of believing in the Advent of Imam Mahdi in Islam that He will fill the world with justice when the earth is full of oppression. So, I believe that the humanity should be ready and even try to set up a world religious system so that it can accomplish the exalted purposes of the humanity. -Please describe the relationship between the religion and life.Absolutely, a social system can ' t be separated from the acceptable ideology of the society(it means the subject of the accomplishment of that system). - In fact, we can ' t imagine the generation of a multilateral system of life without having a background concerning the world view and outlook toward the entity, the human and life and also without a definite philosophy. Even the capitalist which has propounded the idea of separation of social matters from the real ones, can never be released from its mere mundane view toward the life. Therefore, when the religion enters into the life, it means that it infiltrates to the depth of social conscience and changes them according to its view(of course, if this religion is realistic and social, it will present the solutions for all social problems) So, according to this matter, I can emphasize that when the religion enters to an arena, it changes it essentially and tries to form its relations and politics in accordance with a new logic. -How do you see the future of the Islamic movement?I help from some cases in order to evaluate the future of Islamic movement. 1) The investigation and study in the movement of humane history which have had always a rising orientation toward the benefit of spiritual purposes in spite of all risings and descents. 2) Trust in divine favor which always leads the humanity toward the perfection. 3) The absolute promises of Quran toward the inevitable victory of Islamic movement whereas we are honest with ourselves and are benefited by Quranic characteristics. Thus, I believe that the future of Islamic movement is very brilliant, especially, if we consider the dynamic and creative elements of this movement, the mundane and spiritual facilities, trust of Muslims groups in the future and the culture of self - sacrifice and devotion. Furthermore, I believe that each eye which sees the truth and reality can understand completely that we are put on the threshold of a world which the government of Glorious Quran has surrounded it.