Which part of the Supreme Leader’s inaugural speech at the international conference on Islamic Awakening attracted your attention more?

All the statements made by His Eminence were important and he attracted the attention of the entire world to Islamic Awakening. This is a good opportunity which God has given us so that we can use it to bring about power for Muslims. His Eminence also called on Muslims to use Islamic Awakening to make Muslims powerful and to practice Islam in the future.Western countries try to distort the recent developments which were caused by Islamic Awakening in Middle Eastern and North African countries. For example, they have labeled these developments as “Arab Spring” or “Arab revolutions” and they promote the idea that these developments were caused by economic and social factors. But it appears that the causes of this Islamic Awakening are beyond these things. What is your analysis of this issue?Of course these movements are Islamic movements. Although other factors may have played a role, nothing but Islam, ideology and faith can revive the hearts of people. Materialistic or non - Muslim people are stuck in the quagmire of materialism. For example, one cannot say Egyptian youth carried out a revolution because of hunger, just like African countries. These things originate from religious faith. They want Islam. They want Islamic freedom. They want human dignity and honor. In any case, it is possible to achieve all these things through Islam.What are the roots of Islamic Awakening?Of course it was the efforts and selfless struggle of Islamic scholars that prepared the ground for Islamic Awakening. They managed to train the new generation. Also, the Islamic Revolution in Iran was among the essential developments that shook the world. For example, after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, we Tajik people felt that we too had a responsibility as Muslims. Before that, it was as if we were dead. We thought Islam could not make its voice heard. The developments that happened in Iran shook the world.What do you think of the future of the Middle East and the world of Islam?I hope everybody unites under the flag of “there is no god but Allah” and that they form the unified Islamic government that existed during the early Islamic era. I hope our brother country, Iran, will lead this government and by Allah’s favor, Iran will lead this government as a brother.Is Islamic Awakening limited to the Middle East? Of course not. We are witness to the revival of Islam even in the areas which used to be controlled by the Soviet Union and in which people were not very religious and even the word “Islam” was barely heard. And Tajikistan is a case in point. This shows that this movement is a global movement. And by Allah’s favor, the entire world will be Islamic in the future.