At least seven people have been killed and 17 others injured in two explosions near a mosque in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

Police say two roadside bombs went off near a mosque in the southern Bagdad neighborhood of Dora on Tuesday as worshippers were leaving the mosque after morning prayers. Several mosques have been targeted across Iraq over the past weeks. On Friday at least nine people were killed and dozens more injured in explosions at two mosques north of Baghdad. No group has claimed responsibility for attacks, but the finger of blame is pointed at Iraqi al - Qaeda, which frequently carries out coordinated bombings targeting civilian targets such as mosques, markets and restaurants. The terrorist group primarily targets Shias, security forces and government officials, but it has in the past also struck Sunni targets in an attempt to push the country into sectarian fighting. The latest deaths bring to over 220 the number of people killed in Iraq attacks so far in April, according to an AFP tally, the fourth consecutive month where death tolls have topped 200.