US police have arrested a dozen activists demonstrating against the prolonged detention of prisoners held at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp in Cuba.

12 members from the Witness Against Torture advocacy group have been arrested Monday afternoon, while protesting on the steps of the Federal Courthouse in the US state of New York. The activists were staging a “die - in” rally in response to a recent confession by Guantanamo Bay prison officials who admitted that 84 detainees are on hunger strike and 16 of them are being force - fed.

“The hunger strike is the predictable result of a failed policy of indefinite detention that is morally unacceptable and politically unsustainable, ” said activist Jeremy Varon, adding that “more prisoners will die and our nation’s shame will deepen” if the policy continues.

The protesters wore orange jumpsuits and black hoods, holding signs with the names of men who have already died while being held at the notorious prison. On April 11, the Red Cross condemned the force - feeding of hunger - striking prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, while urging a solution to the plight of inmates at the prison. Some 166 inmates at the US military prison have been on hunger strike for almost two months. The hunger strikers stopped eating to protest their indefinite detention without charges. They are also demanding an end to the intrusive search of their cells and personal belongings.