A new poll shows that nearly one - third of Greeks think their recession - hit country was better off under the 1967-1974 military dictatorship in Greece.

The survey was conducted by Athens - based Metron Analysis research firm and published by the Greek dailyEleftherotypiaon Sunday. According to results, 30 percent of the respondents believe their country had “better” days in the era of repressive military rule. The seven - year military dictatorship, known as “the Regime of the Colonels, ” ascended to power with a coup on April 21,1967. The interviewees, who were nostalgic of the military junta years, said they miss the security and higher living standards of that era. On the 46th anniversary of the military coup, Greece stands at the epicenter of the eurozone debt crisis, experiencing its sixth year of recession, while harsh austerity measures have left about half a million people without jobs. The unemployment rate in the debt - ridden country has also soared to 27.2 percent of the workforce, standing more than double the eurozone average unemployment reading of 12 percent. One in every five Greek workers is currently unemployed, banks are in a shaky position, and pensions and salaries have been slashed by up to 40 percent.