A senior commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps(IRGC) Navy says the country has increased its deterrence power to maintain peace and security in the Persian Gulf region.

Rear Admiral Ali Razmjou said on Sunday that IRGC naval forces use modern equipment and experienced personnel to ensure a quick response in defending the Persian Gulf.

“As the body[tasked with] safeguarding the[Islamic] Revolution and its achievements, we play the biggest role in fighting the enemies’ hard, semi - hard and soft threats against the Islamic Revolution…, ” he added.

Razmjou said the IRGC is equipped with warships, torpedo launchers, mine laying vessels, surface - to - sea missiles, and unmanned aerial vehicles(UAVs). Iranian officials have repeatedly stressed that Tehran follows a defense doctrine based on deterrence and have pointed out that the Islamic Republic poses no threat to any country. In recent years, Iran has made great achievements in its defense sector and attained self - sufficiency in producing essential military equipment and systems.