Six Afghan Local Police(ALP) personnel have been killed in an attack carried out by the Taliban militants on a checkpoint in eastern Afghanistan.

The attack was carried out during the early hours of Sunday when the militants stormed the checkpoint in Deh Yak district of the province of Ghazni.

“One of the police who had links with the Taliban let them into the post while other police were sleeping. The Taliban were led to the post and killed six police, ” said district chief, Fazul Ahmad Tolwak.

“The police who led the Taliban into the post joined the Taliban after the attack and went with them. ” A spokesman for the Ghazni provincial administration also confirmed the attack, saying the six officers were killed in the pre - dawn raid. He also blamed an ‘insider’ for the attack. On April 19, the Taliban militants also killed over a dozen Afghan policemen in an attack on a security checkpoint in Andar district of Ghazni. The militants were armed with AK - 47 assault rifles. Insecurity remains an issue in Afghanistan despite the presence of foreign forces that, led by the United States, invaded the country in 2001 under the pretext of fighting terrorism.