Labour leader Ed Miliband has hit back at former Prime Minister and Labour leader Tony Blair’s criticism of his party leadership, accusing him of being out of date.
Earlier last week, in an article for the New Statesman, Blair warned that Labour’s resistance to the government’s austerity and welfare cuts could reduce the Labour to a party of protest. Britain’s former PM said Labour leadership is putting too much emphasis on criticizing the coalition government’s “failed” economic policies recently, despite providing answers on how the opposition would reform welfare and cut budget deficit. Miliband, however, said the Labour party is on course for victory at the 2015 general election, adding that the party could not fight the next election based on an outdated Blarite agenda. "We have got to recognize that the next election has to be a change election. That means change from the past,” Miliband said at a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party on Wednesday. Responding to Blair’s warning, Miliband claimed earlier that the party is moving forward under his leadership, adding that he is leading the party in his own way.