US Secretary of State John Kerry has hinted Washington’s refusal to recognize the newly elected Venezuelan government, challenging the recent vote results, demanding a recount and claiming “huge vote irregularities. ”

In Wednesday remarks before the US House of Representative Committee on Foreign Affairs, Kerry said had not yet evaluated whether Washington would recognize the government of Venezuela’s president - elect Nicolas Maduro.

" That evaluation has to be made and I haven ' t made it. We think there ought to be a recount, " Kerry proclaimed.

He added, " Obviously, if there are huge irregularities, we are going to have serious questions about the viability of that government. " Kerry, however, did not elaborate on any grounds for his claims of vote irregularities. The claims come as the US has persistently opposed the Venezuelan government since its late socialist President Hugo Chavez popularly rose to power nearly 14 years ago and made several attempts to oust or destabilized his government.

Kerry’s intrusive remarks was met with a strong reaction by Maduro, who responded, “Take your eyes off of Venezuela, John Kerry. Get out of here. Enough interventionism. ”

Maduro had earlier blamed the American Embassy in Caracas of fueling the recent post - election violence in the country. He insisted on Tuesday that US Embassy was responsible for all the violence that has happened in the wake of Sunday ' s presidential elections. Maduro further added that the embassy was " financing and leading all the violent acts, " adding that it is backing what he called " neo - Nazi groups " in his country. The development comes as Bolivia’s President Evo Morales also charged on Tuesday that the United States is planning to stage a coup in Venezuela, blasting Washington’s efforts to challenge the Venezuelan presidential election results as interference. The Bolivian president also insisted in a press conference that the US is preparing for a coup d’état in Venezuela. He further rejected Washington’s moral authority to question electoral results worldwide, after the White House demanded a full vote recount in the country. “I am certain that behind those remarks, the United States is preparing a coup d’état in Venezuela, ” said Morales. Meanwhile, the 50 - year - old president - elect also accused the opposition of trying to stage a coup after anti - government protests on Monday and Tuesday left seven people dead in Venezuela. Earlier in the day, Venezuela’s attorney general Celia Flores announced that seven people had been killed and 61 injured during violent opposition protest rallies over election result. Maduro won the election by a margin of 50.8 percent to 49 percent over Henrique Capriles.