Yemeni President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi has removed Republican Guard Commander Ahmed Ali Saleh from his post.
On Wednesday, Hadi removed the son of the country's ousted dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh from his post and appointed him as the ambassador to the Untied Arabic Emirates. Hadi also removed two other relatives of the country’s former dictator. Deputy intelligence chief Ammar -- Saleh's nephew -- was made a military attaché in Ethiopia, and his brother, Tareq Yahia, head of the Presidential Guard, was appointed as a military attaché in Germany. Yemenis have been staging demonstrations demanding the restructuring of the army and the release of all prisoners arrested by Saleh's regime forces during a revolution that erupted in early 2011. Saleh handed power to Hadi, a UK-trained field marshal, under a power transfer deal backed by the United States and Saudi Arabia. The deal also granted immunity from prosecution to Saleh and his close affiliates.