A former member of the British domestic spy agency, MI5, says Iraq “has been wrecked by the western intervention”, stressing the claims of taking democracy to Iraq were “flagrant hypocrisy” from the very onset.
“It’s very ironic that the west intervened in order to provide democracy, freedom to the Iraqi people and yet the west intervened in a highly undemocratic and totally illegal way,” the former spy, Annie Machon, said in an interview with RT. Ten years after the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, Machon said that the illegal intervention led to a “massive destabilization” of the Middle Eastern country. “With west intervening in Iraq through an illegal war ten years ago we’re now seeing a massive destabilization of the old structures and no real meaningful new structures put in place,” she said. “[Iraqis have lost] most of the basic infrastructure that kept their society running I mean just things like proper hospitals, schools and even just water and sewage and things like that. They have been decimated and not rebuilt appropriately following the American and western intervention,” she added. Machon, who had to escape Britain for blowing the whistle on criminality within the British intelligence agencies in 1997 and has been on the run ever since, said that the Iraq war was not meant to avail the Iraqis, in the first place, just like any other western intervention in other Middle Eastern countries. She said in response to the question who will gain from the invasion of Iraq that all military interventions in the Middle East and the situation in Syria are moves to rob target countries of their resources and create lucrative markets for western security firms. “[An intervention] allows an incursion by security companies and security forces from the west, which can be a very good business for the western companies; they provide that security. … instability allows the resources of that country to flow out of that country, with little oversight,” Machon said. She further noted that the war was an illegal move engineered by former US President George W. Bush and former British PM Tony Blair under the totally irrelevant excuse of democracy. “[The Iraq war] was a done deal cooked up between George Bush and Tony Blair eleven years ago … countries that take an illegal step and an illegal decision to go to the war in Iraq in an undemocratic way to then justify it as giving democracy to Iraq. I think it’s flagrant hypocrisy,” she said.