A prominent Sunni Syrian cleric has condemned the assassination and mutilation of a pro - government cleric by the foreign - backed militants in the northwestern city of Aleppo.
Speaking at a Saturday TV interview, Abdul-Qadir Shehabi, who is the head of Aleppo Endowment Office, said the murder of Sheikh Hasan Seifeddine showed that the terrorist groups in Syria did not scruple to perpetrate any sort of crime against the Syrian nation. The Aleppo-based cleric noted that the terrorist groups seek to devastate and plunder Syria and kill its people in an attempt to curry favor with the United States and its allies. Shehabi argued that while the terrorists boast of freedom and democracy, they attack the people merely for their love for their country. According to Syria’s Al-Ikhbariya TV, the militants, who are said to be members of the terrorist group al-Nusra Front, beheaded Seifeddine and hanged his head on the minaret of Al-Hassan Mosque, where he used to lead the prayers. The official Syrian news agency SANA said Seifeddine’s body was “mutilated” after the “assassination.” Meanwhile, Shehabi said that terrorists also kidnapped Seifeddine’s son six months ago and that his fate remained unknown. The Syrian cleric denounced massacre of people, destruction of mosques and using youngsters in terrorist operations as “unacceptable” and noted that the Syrian nation did not want the West’s definition of freedom. Shehabi pointed out that those who issue the Fatwa for killing the people and staging war in Syria were not Muslims and they sought to harm Islam by disseminating a US-Zionist portrait of Islam and religion. The killing of Seifeddine comes nearly 10 days after a terrorist blew himself up inside al-Iman Mosque in the capital, Damascus, killing prominent Sunni cleric Sheikh Mohammad Said Ramadan al-Bouti and 40 others, while injuring more than 80 people.