Recently - released footage shows a group of foreign - sponsored militants in Syria killing civilians, execution - style.
The footage shows members of the terrorist Free Syrian Army beheading a captured Syrian man. In another scene gunfire is heard blasting for some seconds as a militant shoots a man in the head. The victim’s hands are tied behind him, and he is face-down on the ground. In recent months, many videos have emerged of militant groups committing crimes against humanity in Syria. Despite widespread international condemnation, the terrorist Free Syrian Army continues to kill captives and kidnap civilians. Last November, a video showed the militants beating around 10 Syrian soldiers before forcing them to lie on the ground and executing them with automatic rifles near the northwestern town of Saraqeb. Syria has been experiencing unrest for almost two years. The Syrian government says that the turmoil, which has killed many people, including large numbers of army and security personnel, is being orchestrated from outside the country.