A Bulgarian man who set himself ablaze after protesting against corruption and poverty has died in a hospital, reports say.
36 - year - old Plamen Goranov died on Monday in a hospital in the city of Varna, after suffering over 80 percent burns while setting himself on fire on February 20 to protest against government corruption. Goranov pressed for the resignation of the mayor of the city of Varna, Kiril Yordanov, accusing him of corruption and favoritism towards a local business group. His self - immolation lead up to the shock resignation of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, amid nationwide demonstrations against high electricity prices that grew into wider frustration against corruption, poverty and cronyism. Since January 28, Bulgaria has been hit by massive demonstrations in at least ten cities, including the capital, Sophia, where people began protesting against high energy costs for the month of December 2012.
Currently, three foreign firms control Bulgaria ' s power market, raking in most of the revenue from their utilities services.
On February 19, a 26 - year - old unemployed, mentally ill man died after setting himself on fire in protest against the government in the central city of Veliko Tarnovo. On February 26, a 53 - year - old father of five set himself on fire in the town of Radnevo - he has been hospitalized and is fighting for his life. As the residents of the European Union’s poorest member, Bulgarians have to allocate a big part of their monthly income, which averages just 400 euros(USD 530), to electricity bills, especially in the winter.