An Egyptian opposition head said he and colleague Mohamed ElBaradei have turneddown invitations to meet Secretary of State John Kerry during his visit to Cairoon Saturday. "I received an invitation and turned it down, and Dr ElBaradei received an invitation and he turned it down," Hamdeen Sabahi, a leader of the National Salvation Front (NSF) said in an interview with ONTV television channel. "We want to send a message that we reject American pressure," Sabahi added. An aide of another NSF leader, former foreign minister Amr Mussa, said Mussa would also not attend a meeting with Kerry at which the opposition could be pressed to reconsider its boycott of the upcoming parliamentary election. "We see that there is not way we can participate in the election, this is an NSF decision, and the unity of the NSF is our number one priority," the aide told AFP, on the condition of anonymity. He said Mussa would instead send a representative. Kerry arrived in Egypt on Saturday, but a US State department official could not confirm his schedule, or whether Kerry expected to meet with Sabahi and ElBaradei. "We're a friend of the Egyptian people, and he looks forward to meeting a variety of Egyptian interlocutors from a variety of walks of life. " The opposition has sought to ratchet the pressure on Islamist President Mohamed Mursi with a combination of street protests and a boycott of the election, to be held over three months. The NSF had demanded guarantees that the election will be transparent as a condition to participate.