Israeli military chief of staff has said that his country was ready to work with Saudi Arabia in order to face Iran’s plans “to control the Middle East.”

In an interview on Thursday, Lieutenant General Gadi Eisenkot said the Islamic Republic wanted to create a “Shia crescent from Lebanon to Iran and then from the [Persian] Gulf to the Red Sea.”

“We are ready to exchange experience with the moderate Arab countries and exchange intelligence information to face Iran,” he told Elaph, a Saudi-run news site.

It came a day after Iranian President Hassan Rouhani denounced Saudi Arabia’s interference in Lebanon and its close ties with Israel.

Rouhani said it is “shameful” for a Muslim country to “beg” the Israeli regime to carry out military strikes against the Lebanese nation.

Earlier this month, the Iranian president said Saudi Arabia should strengthen ties with Iran instead of befriending Israel and maintaining an alliance with the United States.

“You are mistaken if you think Iran is not your friend, but the U.S. and Israel are. This mentality is a strategic mistake and miscalculation,” he said.

The comments were made after the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced his resignation while in Saudi Arabia. The premier has not yet returned to his country since then.