A British Muslim who applied for a teaching job in Kuwait was told she would have to remove her hijab because “parents don’t want their children be taught by covered teachers.”

Fouzia Khatun, 23, hoped to work at The English Playgroup as a nursery teacher in the Muslim-majority country – where she thought she would be “more accepted” compared to Britain.

However, after she applied for the job, she received an email from the school’s human resources, reading: “Parents don't want their children taught by covered teachers. It is an English school.”

The email added that Fouzia would not be allowed to wear her headscarf on the premises if she wanted the job, and that this was “non-negotiable”.

Ever since, the schools has claimed that the email was sent “by a new employee”, adding that it “proudly employs” hijab-wearing staff.

Fouzia described the email as “offensive”, saying, “When I received that via email I couldn't believe what I was reading.”

“It might sound unusual, but to me being asked to leave the house without my hijab is like being asked to go out without a top on. It doesn't represent my religion - it is part of me. I am a loud, bubbly, chatty, normal British girl and my hijab is part of that same identity,” she said.