An Iranian Paralympic champion has auctioned her gold medal to raise money for the victims of the earthquake that struck western Iran at the weekend.

Paralympic shooter Sareh Javanmardidodmani had won her medal at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

The earthquake has so far claimed the lives of hundreds of people, left thousands injured and tens of villages destroyed.

The quake measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale rattled Iran-Iraq border on Sunday night.

According to the latest tolls, at least 432 people were killed and over 7,817 others sustained injuries in the incident. Also, more than 12,000 homes have been completely destroyed.

“In the wake of this natural disaster and having seen the country’s athletes making their contributions to quake-stricken people, I wondered what I could do as a Paralympic athlete and play a part in this major initiative,” Javanmardidodmani wrote in a message.

“Therefore, I took the decision to auction my most precious medal, the one which I clinched in Rio Paralympics, to help quake-hit people. I hope the proceeds can alleviate their sufferings to some extent.”

In the Paralympics, Javanmardidodmani participated in the P4 mixed 50-meter pistol SH1 competitions at the Olympic Shooting Center in the western Rio neighborhood of Deodoro. She scored 189.5 points to win a gold medal.