Air Canada has ended a maintenance contract with the arms maker Israel Aerospace Industries, while providing no explanation over why it terminated the contract.

Last week, the Canadian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Coalition said it had been informed by Air Canada that “the five-year, multi-million dollar contract with Israel Aerospace Industries Bedek Group for heavy maintenance on Air Canada Boeing 767 jets was terminated in ‘early 2017,’ with two years remaining.”

Following the termination of the deal, which was worth tens of millions of dollars, Air Canada said it is transferring its work to another provider in North America.

According the activist group, Air Canada had released the information only “after our #AirCanadaComplicity campaign was taking off and receiving increasing support both from within Canada and internationally.”

However, Air Canada still has one small contract with the Israeli company.

In recent years, the BDS movement has garnered support from various countries across the world.

The group’s Canadian wing expressed satisfaction that the “largest and most significant element of Air Canada’s involvement with Israel Aerospace Industries has been terminated.”

“Given the recent publicity [Israel Aerospace Industries] has received in the international press in the last months, it is not surprising that any company would want to distance themselves from such a partner,” the activist group added.