Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been questioned by police for the fifth time as part of continued corruption investigations, the Guardian reported.

In the first investigation, the Israeli prime minister is accused of receiving expensive gifts from wealthy benefactors for advancing their interests.

The list of Netanyahu’s supporters includes the Hollywood producer and international movie mogul Arnon Milchan who might have benefitted from the premier’s help in obtaining a U.S. visa, advancing a free-trade zone adjacent to the Jordanian border among other things.

The second investigation examines allegations that he had arranged to obtain favorable coverage from the popular broadsheet Yedioth Ahronoth in exchange for creating problems for its rival, the Israel Hayum paper.

However, Netanyahu strongly rejects the allegations saying he is the victim of a smear campaign by his political opponents.

In a television interview on Thursday evening, Netanyahu’s lawyer, Jacob Weinroth, insisted that the prime minister was honest but had a weakness for wealthy people.

“Netanyahu is an honest person,” Weinroth said. “If you ask him for a list of his successes and his failures, your jaw will drop. That said, he very much admires money. I know his weakness for wealthy people.”

A recent poll has shown that a majority of Israelis want Netanyahu to resign when his term ends.