All flights to and from Yemen have been canceled after the Saudi-led coalition announced the closure of all land, air and sea ports in Yemen.

Yemenia, the flag carrier airline of Yemen, said on Monday that the Saudi-led coalition had denied permission to fly out of the two functional airports of the war-torn country, located in the cities of Aden and Say’un.

The two cities are currently in control of Saudi-led military coalition. Yemen’s main international airport which is located in the capital Sana’a has also been shut down since August 2016 by the coalition.

It came after the coalition announced that it had “decided to temporarily close all Yemeni air, sea and land ports,” after a missile hit Saudi Arabia’s King Khalid International Airport in northeastern Riyadh late on Saturday.

According to Saudi authorities, the missiles was fired at the airport by Houthi fighters, who are on the forefront of fighting against the Saudi-led military campaign since 2015, but was intercepted.

“Shattered fragments from the intercepted missile landed in an uninhabited area of the airport and there were no injuries,” said a spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition.

In recent years, the Houthi fighters have launched a number of long-range missiles across the border into Saudi Arabia.