A top Syrian official has rejected the report that the Syrian government is negotiating with the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) over the possibility of their self-governance in the north and the possible exit of the Arab population from those territories.

“There are absolutely no grounds for such reports. Kurdish self-governance in the north of Syria is only a mere desire of some terrorist groups, Syria and its neighboring countries have an open and clear position on this issue which has not changed,” Jamal al Zuubi, a deputy of the Syrian parliament, told Sputnik news.

Zuubi dismissed any possibility that such territories could be put under the control of the groups by any Syrian government representative.

He noted that terrorist groups have occupied Syrian territories with the help of terror and weapons.

“The Syrian government won't endure the presence of any illegal armed groups on its land,” he remarked.

The parliamentarian also noted that there are very few lands where Kurds comprise the majority of the population, and that the Kurds coexist with Arabs peacefull and are part of the Syrian people.

Such Kurdish “workers parties”, Zuuni said, and similar movements and groups have come from other countries.

He added that the Syrian government and army won’t permit them to remain in the country.