The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) has lauded the Municipality of Cádiz for cancelling an Israeli-sponsored film series due to the Israeli embassy’s sponsorship, the BDS movement reported.

The opening ceremony was scheduled to be hold in the Israeli Embassy in Spain, Jesus Arcos García, attended by the director of cultural projects.

The film series was organized in the Contemporary Culture Space (ECCO), a Cádiz municipal venue, which came in contradiction with the city council’s commitment to avoid contributing to whitewashing the image of Israeli occupation and human rights violations through cultural events.

Back in August, the Cádiz city council officially endorsed the Israeli Apartheid Free Zone campaign, pledging to respect the human rights principles set by the BDS movement, a Palestinian-led nonviolent campaign for freedom, justice and equality.

“PACBI salutes our partners in the Spanish state, including the Coordination Committee ‘Andalusia con Palestina,’ for their efforts in encouraging local councils to avoid complicity in covering up Israel’s human rights violations or enhancing its impunity through cultural events or commercial and institutional agreements,” the BDS movement stated.

According to the movement, at least 80 public administrations have declared themselves Israeli Apartheid Free Zones (ELAI), vowing to fulfil their obligations to refrain from contributing to whitewashing the image of Israeli regime.