A top Iranian official has denounced Australian authorities for arresting Negar Qods Kani, a pregnant Iranian woman who has been faced with restrictions in accessing medical care.

“We are against her detention and extradition to the U.S., especially when she is not in good health conditions and is pregnant and is facing many restrictions in access (to medical care), nutrition and medical issues,” Secretary of Iran's Human Rights Council Mohammad Javad Larijani said on Monday.

Larijani noted that detention and extradition of Negar Qods Kani to the U.S. is not acceptable, describing it as a violation of the international laws and norms.

He also said that he has contacted Australian officials over the issue, and has asked them to practice self-restraint and receive the necessary judiciary and intelligence information from the Islamic Republic.

Negar Qods Kani, an Iranian woman residing in Australia, has been detained by the Australian judicial officials since June 16, 2017 over alleged charges of violating the U.S. commercial laws.

When arrested, Qods Kani was pregnant and she is now in her last months of pregnancy, going through inappropriate conditions such as poor access to healthy food inside the prison.

Australian authorities have dismissed Iran’s repeated calls for improving her conditions and the court handling her case has ruled out her appeal for freedom on bail.