Qatar says Saudi Arabia is seeking to “bring back the dark ages” through its dispute with Doha.

Qatar's foreign minister Said on Tuesday that Saudi Arabia is attempting to engineer “regime change” in Qatar through its four-month blockade of the tiny Persian Gulf country.

Riyadh is attempting to topple Qatar's government, said Sheikh Mohammed bin Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani.

“We see [Saudi] government officials talking about regime change... We see a country that is bringing back the dark ages of tribes and putting them together in order to create a pressure on connected tribes in Qatar,” he told CNBC.

Back in June, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt have severed ties with Qatar, who the Arab states accuse of sponsoring terrorism.

The conflict has led to a blockade imposed on Qatar by the four countries, who also issued a list of demands on Doha to end the dispute but Doha declined.

According to Sheikh Mohammed, the blockade aims to “disrespect and bully” Qatar rather than combat alleged support for terrorism.

“It is nothing to do with stopping financing terrorism or hate speech while they are doing the same by promoting incitement against my country, promoting a regime change in my country,” he said.

He added that the punitive action against Qatar has hindered coalition efforts against ISIS.