Thousands more Rohingya Muslims are fleeing their homes in Myanmar and crossing into Bangladesh amid large-scale violence and persecution at home.

More than half a million have so far crossed into Bangladesh, where they are living in squalid and overcrowded camps, according to witnesses and a drone video shot by the UN office for refugees.

The footage shot Monday shows thousands of Rohingya Muslims along a narrow strip of land alongside a rain-swollen creek in the Palong Khali area in southern Bangladesh.

According to witnesses, a new wave of refugees started crossing the border over the weekend.

Several said that the refugees were stopped by Bangladeshi border guards and spent the night in muddy rice fields.

UNHCR spokesman Andrej Mahecic have said that an estimated 10,000 to 15,000 Rohingya had fled since Sunday night, raising the total number of refugees who have left Myanmar since August 25 to 582,000.

“As of this morning, they are still squatting in the paddy fields of Anjuman Para village in Bangladesh,” Mahecic told a news briefing.

“They are waiting for permission to move away from the border, where the sound of gunfire continues to be heard every night from the Myanmar side.”

The violence in Buddhist-majority Myanmar’s Rakhine state erupted in August. Ever since, the Rohingya Muslims, by the thousands, have fled to neighboring Bangladesh.