Iraq will prosecute at least 100 European ISIS members, most of whom are facing the death penalty, according to Belgium’s ambassador to Baghdad.

The envoy Jawad al-Chlaihawi made the remarks on Sunday while speaking to Belgium’s RTBF broadcaster.

Among the detainees are nationals of Belgium and Russia, as well as terrorists from Chechnya, and Central Asia, he said.

According to reports, some of the European members of ISIS hail from France and Germany while many are from former Soviet countries and Turkey.

Extremists from European countries joined ISIS terror group since 2014, when ISIS emerged in Iraq and Syria.

The Belgian ambassador added that Iraq was holding some 1,400 family members of suspected ISIS members, including children, near Mosul, which was liberated from ISIS earlier in the year.

He also said Iraq was working with European government to decide what should happen to them.

“We are holding the Daesh (ISIS) families under tight security measures and waiting for government orders on how to deal with them,” Iraqi Army Colonel Ahmed al-Taie told Reuters.

“We treat them well. They are families of tough criminals who killed innocents in cold blood, but when we interrogated them we discovered that almost all of them were misled by a vicious Daesh propaganda.”