In an unprecedented move, ISIS has called on women to fight and carry out terrorist attacks as it continues to lose territory in Iraq and Syria.

The terrorist group, in a new edition of its Arabic language newspaper, told female supporters it was an “obligation” for them to wage physical jihad.

“Today, in the context of the war against the Islamic State, it has become necessary for female Muslims to fulfil their duties on all fronts in supporting the mujahedeen in this battle,” the article said.

It also said women should prepare themselves to defend their religion by sacrificing themselves.

This is while ISIS has previously banned women from fighting on the battlefield. Instead, the terrorist group encouraged women to marry fighters, spread propaganda and bear and indoctrinate children to populate its self-proclaimed Islamic State.

In its new article, however, ISIS claimed women had fought in the Islamic Golden Age, citing female companions of the Prophet Muhammed as examples.

ISIS emerged in Iraq and Syria in 2014 when it declared a caliphate. Since then, thousands of civilians have been killed at the hands of the terrorist group.

In recent months, the terrorist group has been losing ground both in Iraq and in Syria.