A Lebanese newspaper has reported that Lebanese security services in recent days arrested three men who were allegedly spying for Israel.

According to Lebanon’s Al-Akhbar, the arrested individuals were gathering information on resistance movement Hezbollah and transferring it to Israel’s spy agency of Mossad.

The Lebanese government has not yet confirmed or denied the report.

This is not the first time Lebanon arrests people who were spying for Israel.

Back in January, Lebanon’s General Directorate of General Security announced that it had arrested a spy ring comprised of five people who allegedly “spied for Israeli embassies abroad”.

According to the report, the spy ring included two Nepalese women, two Lebanese men, and a Palestinian man.

“During interrogation, the detainees confessed to the charges, admitting that they had called phone numbers belonging to the Israeli enemy's embassies in Turkey, Jordan, Britain and Nepal with the aim of spying and passing on information,” a General Security statement said.

Also in 2015, Lebanese officials announced they had arrested two Lebanese nationals and a Syrian on allegations of spying for Israel.

Weeks later, Lebanese news outlets reported that soldiers had detonated a listening device planted by Israel in the southern Marjayoun region, which is close to Israel.