A man has been sentenced to six years’ imprisonment by a British court for showing an ISIS beheading video to schoolchildren.

Zameer Ghumra, a 38-year-old pharmacist, was found guilty of disseminating terrorist propaganda and trying to brainwash young boys into backing ISIS at Nottingham Crown Court on Friday.

Ghumra also told children to kill anyone who insulted Islam and instructed to make only Muslim friends.

“These were shocking crimes which damaged the children and caused offence to the vast majority of law-abiding Muslims,” Judge Gregory Dickson said.

The children came in contact with Ghumra at a madrassa he had set up. They were encouraged to go to Syria to fight alongside ISIS militants where they would have to behead people.

The accused also followed various ISIS-linked social media accounts and made the children follow similar accounts.

Ghumra, who was arrested at Birmingham Airport in September 2015, denied the charges and claimed that the children had been induced to make “false allegations” against him.

Sue Hemming of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said: “Zameer Ghumra tried to brainwash impressionable children with this violent ideology by making one watch beheading videos and urging them both to adopt a hard line religious outlook.”

Hemming also thanked the children for helping to put a dangerous man in jail.