A top Iranian military official says his country has not had any exchange of nuclear or missile-related technology with North Korea and has not rendered any financial aid to Pyongyang.

“We have not received any missile technology from North Korea at all in recent decades. We enjoy a very high scientific power in the missile sector and we don’t have any need to the Koreans in this regard,” Brigadier General Mohammad Hassan Nami said on Saturday.

The general emphasized that North Korea has received its missile technology from Egypt during Jamal Abdolnaser era.

He also rejected any financial aid to North Korea, saying, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has not had any kind of financial aid to North Korea since the very beginning.”

Earlier this month, Russian security expert Anton Khlopkov also rejected similar allegations about Moscow and Tehran.

It came after British officials accused Russia and Iran of involvement in North Korea’s nuclear program.

Khlopkov said by making such allegations, London is taking advantage of the current “anti-Russian atmosphere.”

“In such context, London is seeking a guilty party, instead of taking practical diplomatic steps,” he said.

He also said it wouldn’t be surprising if no evidence was found to back up British allegations.