An Israeli aircraft has carried out strikes on targets in Syria, near the Damascus International Airport, Syrian news media outlets reported on Friday.

The targeted area is known as a stronghold of the resistance Hezbolllah group, hitting the group's weapons caches near the airport.

There was no immediate report of casualties.

An Israeli drone was gunned down by the Syrian Armed Forces during the operation, according to some reports.

Israel has declined to confirm or deny the reports.

This is while in April 2016, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted for the first time that Israel had attacked a number of convoys transporting arms for Hezbollah

Earlier this month, the Syrian government called on the United Nations Security Council to denounce Israel's repeated aggression against the country and take immediate action to stop the attacks before they further undermine the ongoing fight against terrorist groups.

"At 02:42 a.m. on Thursday September 7, 2017, the Israeli warplanes targeted one of the Syrian military positions near Masyaf in Hama province with several missiles, killing two army personnel and causing material damage to the site," Syria’s Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a letter to the UN secretary general and the chairman of the Security Council.

The ministry also said the attacks were aimed at boosting the morale of Israel's "representatives" – ISIS and other terrorist groups.