Police have arrested 74 suspects in Istanbul who are alleged members of ISIS terrorist group, Turkey’s official news agency reported on Saturday.

According to the Anadolu news agency, the anti-terror police conducted simultaneous operations at 15 different addresses in Istanbul.

The report said 73 of the arrested suspects were foreigners and were handed over to relevant authorities to be deported, while the other suspect was being questioned.

The nationalities of the suspects were not mentioned.

ISIS has conducted several terrorist attacks in Turkey, killing more than 300 people since 2015.

In August 2016, Turkey launched a military operation into northern Syria in August 2016 to clear the border zone of ISIS terrorists after a suicide attack was carried out at a street wedding in the northern province of Gaziantep.

ISIS emerged in 2014 in Iraq and declared a caliphate. Ever since, the terrorist group has been conducting acts of terror in various countries across the world.

The group is also present in Syria, where it fights the Assad government.

Months ago, Iran, Turkey and Russia initiated talks in Kazakhstan’s capital of Astana to find a political solution for the Syrian crisis and defeat terrorism.

In recent month, ISIS’s power has been in decline in both Iraq and Syria.