Israeli warplanes have pounded Syrian army positions in the western parts of Hama city, killing two Syrian soldiers, the General Command of the Syrian Army announced in a statement on Thursday.

According to the statement, an Israeli fighter jet launched missile attacks on one of the Syrian army bases near Masyaf region in Southwestern Hama through the Lebanese airspace.

The statement said that the assault was a desperate attempt to raise the lost morale of ISIS terrorists after the Syrian army’s major victories against the terrorist group in several regions.

Photos published on social media showed in August that the Israeli Defense Forces medical personnel have been helping wounded terrorist to recover, treating them in medical centers on the Israeli-occupied side of the region.

Sources said the militants have been treated by Israeli medical centers as to be sent back into Syria where they continue to commit acts of terror.

Israel is known to have helped Golan-based militants affiliated with Al-Nusra Front with medical aid and military equipment since 2013.

Anti-Assad militants are labeled as “rebels” by Western and Arab media. However, the majority of the militants pursue sectarian ideals in Syria and commit terrorist attacks regularly.