Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the Government Press Office to remove Al Jazeera's Jerusalem bureau chief Walid Al-Omari from a press seminar on freedom of speech.

“The prime minister instructed that legal steps be taken to deny press passes of all Al Jazeera journalists working in Israel and to close their offices in Israel,” the GPO announced in a Facebook post.

The GPO announced last month that it intended to revoke the press accredidation of an Israeli Al Jazeera correspondent over comments he made on another TV network last year.

It referred to an interview Karram gave on a TV network identified with the Muslim Brotherhood, during which he said his journalistic work is part of his contribution to Palestinian resistance to the Israeli occupation.

The Union of Journalists in Israel railed against the decision to revoke Karram’s press permit, describing it an “intolerable move”.

Karram has held a press card since 2011. The decision to cancel the permit is part of various sanctions the Israeli government is trying to institute against Al Jazeera.

However, Netanyahu and Communications Minister Ayoub Kara have been publicly pushing for sanctions against Al Jazeera.

In recent years, Al Jazeera has been critical of Israeli regime’s policies toward Palestinians.