Syrian government forces have wiped out the last major pocket of terrorists in strategic town of Akerbat in Hama governorate, Russia’s defense ministry announced, noting that the operation was carried out with Russia’s support.

“The units of the 4th tank division of Syrian government forces, in collaboration with the 5th Volunteer Corps and military intelligence unit (Mukhabarat), liberated the town of Akerbat,” the ministry said.

The Russian defense ministry noted that the Syrian army is now targeting the rest of the completely surrounded ISIS forces in the area.

“The operation to destroy a large group of Islamic State (ISIS) fighters in the eastern part of the Hama province was carried out with the active support of the Russian Air Force.”

Ivan Konovalov, head of military policy at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, said clearing Akerbat is one of the most important battles against the terrorists by government forces.

The Syrian Army has also ramped up pressure on the terrorists to drive them out of the city of Deir ez-Zor. On Saturday, the ministry announced that Russian jets have intensified its bombing of ISIS positions there.

According to the Russian defense ministry, breaking the blockade of Deir ez-Zor will mark the defeat of the last pocket of ISIS terrorists in Syria.