Myanmar government forces have beheaded and burned alive Rohingya Muslim civilians, including children, witnesses said.

According to the Independent, eyewitnesses gave “horrific accounts of violence and destruction” by government forces and unidentified armed groups.

Myanmar’s Rakhine State, where Rohingya Muslims live, has been the scene of violence by the army.

Extremist Buddhists would had attacked Muslims on several occasions before a military siege was imposed on Rakhine late last year.

Also in recent days, calls to stop the genocide against the minority Muslims living in the Buddhist-majority country have grown.

A man named Abdul Rahman was quoted by the Independent as saying he had survived a five-hour attack on Chut Payin Village.

He noted that a group of Muslim men had been arrested and detained in a bamboo hut, which was then set on fire.

“My brother was killed, [Myanmarese soldiers] burned him with the group,” he said. “We found [my other family members] in the fields. They had marks on their bodies from bullets and some had cuts.”

“My two nephews, their heads were off. One was six years old and the other was nine years old. My sister-in-law was shot with a gun,” he added.

Survivors from other villages also gave similar accounts of violence carried out against the Rohingya Muslims. Government, however, denies access to journalists and relief workers to enter the conflict zone.