An Iraqi commander has said that five ISIS terrorists were killed during an airstrike conducted by Iraqi fighter jets in Northeast of Diyala.

“Iraqi fighter jets destroyed a rest house, vehicle and five motorbikes of the group in addition to killing five militants in an airstrike launched in Wadi Thilab, located in Neft Khana basin, Northeast of Diyala,” Tigris Operations Command's Chief, Maj. Gen. Mazhar al-Azzawi was quoted by Alghad Press as saying.

Naft Khana is known as a key region in Diyala because of its strategic location. It is located near main roads and is geographically-connected to Hamrin basin.

Over the past few weeks, attacks launched by ISIS militants in northeast of Diyala against security forces, pro-government forces and Iraqi civilians have surged.

The attacks urged the Iraqi forces to prevent the terrorists from entering Salahuddin and Kirkuk provinces, especially the regions located along Hamreen mountains and Al-Azeem town.

ISIS holds key regions that connect Diyala, Salahuddin and Kirkuk, which poses threats to the liberated areas.

Following the liberation of Mosul, the Iraqi government and military commanders have sought to launch operations on other ISIS-held regions across the country, including Diyala, as to mark an end to the group’s self-proclaimed caliphate declared by the group in 2014.