A recent study has found that almost a fifth of participants from five European countries would not want to live next door to a Muslim.

Participants from Germany, the UK, Austria, France and Switzerland responded to a question on whether they would want to have Muslims as neighbors. Some 20% gave a negative response.

More than 10,000 people outside the Muslim community participated in the survey. They responded to a number of questions.

Some 31% of the participants also said they would not want to live next door to refugees in general.

The study was carried out as part of a wider investigation into the integration and acceptance of Muslims in Europe in the Religion Monitor 2017.

Meanwhile, a recent study found that Islamophobia is thriving in 27 European countries, threatening ideals of democracy and diversity across the continent while inspiring acts of anti-Muslim violence.

“Muslims are seen as the enemy ‘within,’” editors Enes Bayrakli and Farid Hafez write. “Thus, physical attacks and political restrictions can often be carried out and even defended in an atmosphere of wide distrust and enmity. Islamophobia is by no means confined to the working poor or the middle class, who have been misinformed about Islam and Muslims. It is especially true for the so-called educated elite. Discriminating policies like the ban of the hijab for certain professions, the ban of the niqab in public, bans of minarets and other laws restricting Muslims’ freedom of religion speak volumes.”