A top commander of a militant group affiliated to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) has been killed in a booby-trapped car bomb explosion in Eastern Dara'a.

Well-informed sources said on Sunday that Samer Ahmad al-Amari, a notorious field commander, was killed along with three of his aids.

The sources said that al-Amari was killed as a result of a booby-trapped bomb blast in one of the vehcles of the FSA-affiliated al-Thowar battalion along the road connecting the towns of al-Sourah and al-Qariyeh al-Sharqi.

According to relevant reports earlier this month, dozens of militants in Dara’a were killed and injured in a huge explosion at one of their arms and ammunition depots in the city.

The blast occurred in a cache of mortars, ammunition and missiles in Katibeh al-Mahjoureh region in the Western parts of the Old Customs office in Dara’a, websites affiliated to the militant groups reported.

The incident killed 7 militants and wounded dozens of others.

The explosion came as a new wave of assassinations has been launched in recent months against commanders of the militant groups in Dara’a.

Reports estimated that hundreds of militants have fled to the ISIS terrorist group over the past year, increasing tension among FSA factions.

Syria has been the scene of almost daily attacks since the start of a foreign-backed civil war in 2011.