Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas have vowed to continue cutting funds to Gaza as long as it remains under Hamas rule.

Abbas said on Saturday that the PA, which is being led by the Fatah party, would keep doing so as long as Hamas did not comply with PA’s terms of reconciliation.

Since Fatah scored a landslide victory in 2006 elections against Hamas, the two have been at odds.

In recent months, the PA has been refusing to foot Gaza’s electricity bill, leading to recurrent power cuts in the coastal enclave.

Analysts say the pressure is aimed at forcing Hamas to relinquish its rule over the territory.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Abbas called Jerusalem al-Quds “the eternal capital of the state of Palestine.

This is while Israel too lays claims to the entire city as its so-called capital.

The PA president also hailed Palestinians for their “courage and strength” during two weeks of protests after Israel fully closed the al-Aqsa Mosque Compound.

Following sweeping international condemnation and massive Palestinian protests, Israel reopened the site and lifted metal detectors that it had installed at the entrances to the site.

“We should preserve the victory achieved in al-Quds to gain another victory or to take another step forward,” Abbas said.